Author: Rizvan Ullah

Visual Marketing – What Can It Do For Your Brand?

You’ll be surprised how certain visual aspects of your blog can increase engagement. Many times a simple infographic, chart, video or images can be more than a thousand words on a piece of paper. This is why the famous quote is so popular “a picture tells a thousand words”. However, in blogging it’s NOT that simple because you need to […]

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Very Easy Ways To Generate Content Idea’s – Part2

Welcome to Part 2 of my series where we are discussing awesome ways to generate some of the best content ideas. In Part 1 we discussed how Google search, Keyword Planner, and Trends have transformed the way we find relevant keywords which are perfect to create engaging content. We also looked at Long Tail Keywords Pro which is awesome because […]

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Very Easy Ways To Generate Content Idea’s – Part1

If you have been blogging for years, then you know the importance of generating blogging ideas and without being able to generate ideas quickly, it’s possible to lose readership. Visitors skim through blogs hoping to find amazing information which solves a very common problem and when they can’t, they leave going to your competition. The good news is with experience […]

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