Author: Rizvan Ullah

How to Revive Low Performing Content

Content is the lifeline of every blog, and you have to make sure you have the best content available for your readers. The way content interacts with people, and the important it plays has changed enormously over the years. Much of this has to do with Google algorithm updates that have been tweaked to meet the user pattern. For example, […]

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Landing Page Video Errors Costing You Conversions

Having a solid landing page is important to ensure you get the right conversions. Without a high conversion rate, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll struggle to get from Point A-to-B. With that said, I’ve dedicated much of my time to finding out what works compared to what doesn’t. This means I have done enormous split testing, and have […]

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How You Know You Have an Effective SEO Team

The world of SEO is broadening daily and companies that know how to harness the power of a multi-disciplinary team are far exceeding their counterparts within the online business world. Gone are the days where a solitary SEO could effectively run the show. The demands of the marketing world have given rise to the need to procure a team of […]

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