Author: Michael Kwan

Potential and the Growth Mindset

Something that I’ve come to assert time and time again, both here on John Chow dot Com and on my own blog at Beyond the Rhetoric, is that inspiration and key insights can be gleaned from practically anywhere. You can learn from Instagram models and South African super geniuses alike. And yes, you can learn from would-be professional gamers too. […]

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This Metric Is More Important Than Reach or Clicks

How do you measure success? This is not meant to be some sort of existential inquiry into the deeper meaning and significance of happiness. I already do a lot of that on my own blog, as well as in this space from time to time. In this case, I’m talking from a purely practical standpoint. As much as we talk […]

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It’s Not About the Money (Not Really)

We’ve oftentimes been told not to worry about the money. They’ve told us time and time again that we should do what we love and the money will follow. Well, I’ve got a bit of a newsflash for all the burlap sack enthusiasts in the audience; the money will not follow unless you go out there and get it yourself. […]

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