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117 Tools to Help You Be the Best Email Marketer in 2019

Back in 1998, AWeber invented email automation. Ever since, our team has continued to innovate email marketing.

This year was no exception. We created tools for the modern marketer to connect with their audience anywhere and anytime. We crafted content to help new and experienced businesses alike launch impactful, successful email marketing campaigns. And we formed a team of email experts to answer your most puzzling questions at any time.

Take advantage of everything AWeber has to offer — and make 2019 your best year for business yet!

A modern message editor that’s easy and fun to use

Creating emails should be fast and intuitive. We made dozens of additions and enhancements to our Drag and Drop Email Builder based on feedback and testing from hundreds of our customers.

The result: building emails — whether it’s from one of our modern layouts or from scratch — has never been easier, more flexible, or more enjoyable.

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Automations that changed the game

We added the ability to add and remove tags to subscribers based on opened emails and clicked links. You can now automate and segment like a pro.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You send an email containing one or more links.
  2. When a subscriber clicks a link, you can then tag (a.k.a. label) that subscriber with one or more unique tags.
  3. Use those tags to create subscriber segments (a.k.a. groups), OR to kick off an automated sequence of emails (or both).

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2 updated mobile apps to market from your pocket

We made powerful new additions to AWeber’s mobile apps to give you the ability to check your marketing analytics and quickly create content on-the-go.

In our Stats app, we added push notifications to let you know when new subscribers are added to your list. It’s like a virtual high-five.

We also added easy-to-read reports that let you see how many subscribers open and click your automated email campaigns.

And we’ve completely revamped Curate, a mobile app that lets you quickly build and send emails to your subscribers.

Learn: How to Create an Email Newsletter on Your Phone in 30 Seconds

An email A/B testing tool that goes the distance

May the best email win!

This year, we launched a new and improved email A/B testing tool. While many split testing tools only allow you to test your subject lines, AWeber’s A/B testing tool does it all! You can A/B split test:

  • subject lines
  • preview text
  • images
  • copy
  • email templates
  • send times
  • call-to action buttons

And more!

Find out what works best with your specific audience and make every email count.

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Functional and modern email sign up forms

We built new sign up form templates to help you grow your list in style!

You can use these templates to create and customize a new sign up form to match your brand! Then, use a simple Javascript snippet, or our WordPress plug-in to add the form to your site.

No site? We’ll host the form on a landing page, and give you a unique link to share with your audience on social or personal networks.

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24/7 email marketing advice

A question about email marketing or your email provider should never keep you from connecting with your audience and growing your business.

That’s why we expanded the availability of our award-winning Customer Solutions team. Now,  you can contact our team of email experts with technical questions (like how to set up your account or how to migrate a list) or strategic questions (like what to write in your emails or how to increase open rates) at any hour of the day.

You can reach us by phone, chat, or email — whatever’s best for you.

A revamped email marketing newsletter trusted by 30,000+ businesses

Looking for a single place to get the latest and best email marketing advice and strategies? Look no further than FWD: Thinking, AWeber’s weekly email newsletter.

In 2018, we revamped and rebranded our newsletter based on our subscribers’ feedback. Now, it’s filled with even more quality advice for businesses to enhance their email marketing, like:

  • innovative email strategies to get an edge on your competition
  • real-life case studies that explain how successful businesses are using email
  • free workshops, guides, reports, and templates to stay on top of industry trends
  • inspirational and actionable email advice that you can apply in minutes

Get it delivered to your inbox every Thursday — for free! Subscribe now.

An email automation course that teaches you how to get results around-the-clock

This year, we launched 24/7 Email Marketing Master Class. It’s the most complete course for creating a powerful, profitable email automation campaign that gets results around-the-clock.

Join 800+ students who have learned how to set up a scalable, automated email marketing engine that runs 24/7. Use the promo code 2019automate to get the course for 50% off. But hurry! Only 500 people can claim this code before it expires.

Enroll in the course

An updated workshop that’ll show you the 6 MOST important emails

You can write engaging, compelling emails and see success with email — even if you’re not a writer – with 6 emails.

In this workshop (which we refreshed this year!), you’ll get step-by-step instructions for writing — and launching — these impactful emails.

Join the workshop

14 ways to grow your email list — all in one workshop

Follow the strategies of today’s top marketing experts to grow your audience. In this NEW, free workshop, learn how these experts use 14 strategies to build their list.

Join the workshop

The most-read educational email marketing articles

Every week, we publish new blog posts to help you master email marketing. But this year, 6 posts stole the spotlight. These were wildly popular articles that our audience read and shared over and over again. Read and share them with your friends!

Want to get access to all of our free blog posts, workshops, and courses? Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter, FWD: Thinking.

More than 100 new integrations

Whether you’re adding subscribers from your eCommerce store, leads from your website, or students from your online course, integrating your favorite apps with your email platform should be simple and flexible.

AWeber now connects with more than 100 of your favorite apps, like:

  • GoToWebinar
  • Disqus
  • ScheduleOnce
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Xero
  • ManyChat
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Calendar
  • Calendly
  • ShipStation
  • Zendesk
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Podcast Websites
  • Blogger.
  • Big Cartel
  • Square
  • Zippy Courses

And even more!

Exciting things are coming in 2019

In 2019, we plan to do even more to innovate how you email and make it easier than ever to reach your business goals.

Be on the lookout for more new features, awesome content, and powerful integrations. Plus, a heck of a lot more!

Not an AWeber customer yet? Try us out free for 30 days and see our new features.

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7 Ways to Create a Black Friday Email Campaign That Drives Sales

U.S. retailers earned a record $7.9 billion on Black Friday in 2017, according to Adobe Analytics. That’s an increase of nearly 18% from the prior year!

A Black Friday email campaign is a great way to cash in on all this spending. However, with thousands of Black Friday emails to compete against, it can be difficult to get your audience’s attention.

With these 7 email campaign tactics, you’ll stand out inside the inbox.

1. Keep it short.

People often debate the ideal email length. While there’s often no simple answer, on Black Friday there is. Keep your content brief. Your subscribers’ inboxes are filled with other emails. They’re busy looking at numerous sales and online shopping.

So get straight to the point. Describe your sale and link off to your website.

For example, see how mattress company Casper does this in their Black Friday email below.

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2. Don’t bury the lede.

Journalist are often advised not to bury the lede a.k.a. the most important information. For email marketing, this is true as well. Your most important or interesting information should be near the beginning of your email. On Black Friday, this is crucial. And the most important information is the discount or deal you’re offering.

To make it easy for your subscriber to see your special offer at a glance,  include it in the headline of your email.

For their Black Friday email campaign, Code School, an online education platform, describes their discount in a brief and bold headline. The headline makes it simple for subscribers to see exactly what the offer is.

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3. Show off your goods.

Another way to increase your click-through rates on Black Friday? Display your product images inside your emails. If a subscriber sees something they like, they’ll be much more likely to click on your call-to-action button.

Active gear retailer HuckBerry created a gift guide for their 2017 Black Friday email campaign. They gathered their best deals into one email, including large product images, the original and discounted price, short descriptions, and call-to-action buttons for each product.

4. Refine your subject lines.

To beat the competition in the inbox on and around Black Friday, your subject line must be engaging. To craft a subject line that stands out, try one or a few of these tactics:

  • Describe your discount or sale in your subject line.
  • Mention how much time people have to claim your deal.
  • Be funny or witty.
  • Keep your subject line under 30 characters.
  • Use an emoji.
  • Explain the discount or sale.

Here are a few subject lines from 2017 Black Friday email campaigns that use these tactics:

Example 1

Company: Chubbies

Subject line: not a typo: 50% off

Example 2

Company: C&T Publishing

Subject line: Hours left to shop the Black Friday sale

Example 3

Company: Levenger

Subject line: Only Hours Left – Black Friday Weekend – 30% Off + Free Shipping

Example 4

Company: Nordstrom

Subject line: Black Friday shoe deals from UGG, Tory Burch, Hunter and more

Example 5

Company:  Physique

Subject line: Black Friday Deals 💸🎁

Example 6

Company: Overstock Art

Subject line: Last Chance to Shop the Exclusive ⚡ Black Friday ⚡ Gallery

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5. Use GIFs.

Adding motion to your emails is a great way to be unique and delight your subscribers on Black Friday. Add a simple GIF, a moving image, to do so.

Bonus: We created FREE GIFs you can use in your emails. Download them here.

Kidly, a children’s toy and clothing company, created a GIF for one of their Black Friday emails.

It’s fun — which matches their brand — and seasonal. The headline and image work together to create a stand-out email.

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6. Explain when your deals end.

Create urgency by informing subscribers that your sale ends soon. In his book Persuasion, best-selling author and psychology professor Robert Cialdini explains that urgency is a psychological trigger that encourages people to act.

Wonderbly, a children’s book company, creates a sense of urgency in the headline and copy of their Black Friday email below.

7. Send emails when others aren’t.

Sometimes, the best way to get high engagement is avoiding the crowds. To do so, send an email campaign in early December. It’ll be easier to get your subscribers’ attention.

MusicMagpie, a company that purchases used technology, sent a post-Black Friday email campaign in 2017.

To make their email extra relevant to subscribers, they position their services as a solution to the problem of overspending on Black Friday.

Start crafting your Black Friday email campaign today.

Need help? Download our free “What to Write in Your Emails” guide. You’ll get an email course that’ll show you how to write great emails. Plus, we’ll also give you more than 45 fill-in-the-blank email copy templates.

(Thanks to MailCharts and Really Good Emails for the email examples used in this post.)

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Should You Capitalize Your Subject Lines? This Marketing Expert Found Out

Have you ever wondered if you’re using the right tactics to market your business?

John Oszajca did. He’s the founder of Music Marketing Manifesto, an online consulting business that teaches musicians how to sell and promote their music.

Oszajca has been capitalizing the first letter of his email subject lines for years. Yet, he wondered whether this was giving him the highest opens and clicks possible.

So he used a simple tactic to find out.

The simple subject line split test Oszajca used to get more people to open and click his emails.

To test his assumptions about subject lines, Oszajca set up an email split test.

He created two identical versions of a promotional email for his upcoming “Copywriting for Musicians Workshop.” Both versions warn subscribers that this is their last chance to register for the workshop. In his first email, he followed his typical formula of capitalizing the first letter of his subject line. He also capitalized the first letter in the second clause.

Subject line #1: Last chance – This ends tonight

In his second email, he didn’t capitalize any letters.

Subject line #2: last chance – this ends tonight

He sent each email to a different 10% of his subscriber list.

To capitalize a subject line or not? The answer is below.

After waiting 4 hours, Oszajca’s split test results revealed that the subject line with lowercase letters got 35% more opens and clicks!

So he sent the winning email to the remaining 80% of the subscribers on his list.

“It was fun to test certain things that I have been doing for years based on gut,”  Oszajca says. But now he has data to back up his process, he says, and a deeper understanding of his subscribers’ behavior.

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Now, find out what your own audience prefers!

Want to know what kind of emails lead to the best performance with your own subscribers? Use AWeber’s split testing feature to find out. (Don’t have AWeber? Claim a 30-day free trial here.)

And if you’d like to learn more about split testing, download our FREE guide to split testing.

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This Subject Line Split Test Increased Website Traffic by 83%

You can set up an email split test in 1 minute that could nearly double your click-through rates and website traffic.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Because that’s exactly what happened when Light Stalking, a photography sharing community, split test their subject lines. In this post, discover the simple change that increased their website traffic from an email by 83%.

The subject line split test

Every weekend, Light Stalking hosts a photography challenge around a particular theme. People can post a photograph that aligns with the theme and share their feedback on other’s photos.

Rob Wood, the founder of Light Stalking, relies on email to drive traffic to these weekend challenges. That’s why Wood decided to run an email split test on the subject line of his recent weekly challenge email, which asked people to submit a photo of a silhouette. “I was trying to get more opens, more reads, and potentially more traffic,” he said.

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For his split test, he created two emails in AWeber. Each message used the same email content but with different subject lines. Wood wanted to find out whether a short subject line that mentioned the topic of the challenge would win against a subject line that was longer and announced that the next weekly challenge was live.

For email 1, Wood used a descriptive, straightforward subject line: “Weekly Challenge is Live!”

For email 2, he wrote a short subject line that hinted at the topic of the challenge: “Silhouettes.”

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Wood set up his split test so that 5% of the subscribers on his email list received email 1. And 5% of his subscribers received email 2. He waited a day to see which email performed better. Then, he sent the winning email to the remaining 90% of his subscribers.

Wood hoped this would maximize his engagement.

Pro tip: In AWeber, you can customize what percentage of your list receives each email in your split test. You can also test up to 3 emails at a time! (Want to try AWeber’s split test feature? Create a free trial account now.)

The split test results

The subject line “Silhouettes” won! It got 10% more opens than the email with the subject line “Weekly Challenge is Live!” It also earned an 83% higher click-through rate. This drove nearly double the number of website visitors compared to the email with a longer, more descriptive subject line.

When Wood sent the winning email to the remaining 90% of his email list, he was able to get an above average click-through rate. This drove more people to the Light Stalking community and increased forum engagement.

“This split testing feature is great. It will have a noticeable impact on traffic to my site from newsletters,” Wood said.

The takeaway?

Boosting your open rates by even a small amount can have a huge impact on your click-through rates and website traffic. To see how your own subscribers respond, try testing a short subject line that’s less descriptive against a longer, more descriptive subject line.

Not sure how to set up your own email split test? Download our free guide to email split tests. You’ll learn everything you need to know to run successful split tests.

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Your Holiday GIF Guide: Festive GIFs to Spice Up Your Holiday Emails

Holiday GIF

Congratulations! Santa told us that you landed on the nice list this year — not the naughty email spammers list.

So here’s AWeber’s gift to you: 11 animated GIFs for your holiday email marketing campaign. The AWeber design elves whipped up these festive options, shown below. Place them in a Black Friday or Cyber Monday email, a holiday newsletter, or a New Year’s sale message to your subscribers.


Plus, these holiday GIFs aren’t just eye-catching. Data has shown that GIFs in emails can increase click-through rates, conversions rates, and revenue rates. Talk about the GIF — er, gift — that keeps on giving!

Not an AWeber customer yet? Join us! Create your FREE account right now, and see how easy it is to use one of these GIFs in our Drag-and-Drop message editor.

How to download your holiday GIFs

Step 1: Find the animated holiday GIF below that you want to use in your email.

Step 2: Save it to your computer by either right clicking the GIF and selecting “Save Image,” or by dragging the GIF to your desktop.

Step 3: Upload the GIF into your email template.

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Holiday GIFs

Christmas GIFHoliday GIF

Holiday Garland GIF

Happy New Year GIFs

Happy New Year Sale GIF

Black Friday and Cyber Monday GIFs

How can I use these GIFs in my emails?

Try one of these three GIF placements.

Place the GIF above the headline

Add a holiday GIF above your email headline to catch subscribers’ attention and draw them in right away.

Holiday Email GIF

Place the GIF the body of the email

Break up sections of content by adding a holiday GIF into the body of your email. It’ll keep your readers moving down the page toward your call-to-action button.

Holiday Email GIF

Place the GIF at the end of the email

Want your subscribers to read your entire message first? Place a holiday GIF after the call-to-action button.

Holiday Email GIF

Best practices for using holiday GIFs in email

1. Don’t overdo it: Use only one GIF per email.

2. Actually, only use a GIF when you think it’ll help your email perform better. If it distracts your subscriber from reading your message or clicking on your call-to-action, then skip the GIF.

3. Consider removing all other images besides your GIF so that subscribers aren’t overwhelmed with visuals.

4. Hyperlink your GIF to the landing page you’d like people to visit. (Many people will click on the GIF itself.)

5. Creating your own GIF? Include your call to action in the first frame. That way, your subscribers can click through even if the animation doesn’t work.

6. Always test your emails. Most email clients will display GIFs, but there are a some exceptions like Outlook 2007-2013 and Windows Phone 7. In these clients, the GIFs will display as static images.

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7. Keep your GIF’s file size small (aim for less than 40KB). You can use Photoshop to decrease the file size if need be.

8. Your GIF should be relevant to the rest of the content in your email. Make sure it supplements your subject line, call to action, and message text.

9. No matter what GIF you use, make your call to action loud and clear. (Here are 8 Powerful Email Copywriting Techniques to use in your next email.)

10. Test a GIF in different locations within your email to see where it performs best. (AWeber’s powerful split testing feature allows you to test GIF placement, subject lines, send times, copy, templates, buttons, and more! Try it out today for FREE.)

If you like this post and want to receive more free GIFs, email marketing tips, and educational courses, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, FWD: Thinking.

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