Author: Kj Rocker

Affiliate Marketing In 2018 – What You Need To Know!

With every year that passes, the affiliate marketing industry changes. Some say its getting harder, some say there’s always opportunity. The truth is, this is a growing industry and if you want to be successful and remain profitable in the future, you need to keep up with the changes and adapt. This infographic from NoHatDigital […]

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How To Choose Profitable CPA offers

Let’s admit it, we affiliates are lazy people, we are always looking for easy ways to get things done and that’s what all smart people do. To have a quick system for those tasks that take longer and make more time to focus more on our productivity. One of my biggest problems in the past […]

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Native Advertising Guide: How Affiliates Can Use It

What is native advertising? If you haven’t stumbled upon the term “Native Advertising” yet, you must be a complete novice in affiliate marketing or you’ve just returned from a vacation on the Moon. Indeed, Native Advertising (abbreviated as NA) has been discussed everywhere over the last few years, but, still, the practice of “going native” […]

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