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CrossHost – The Optimal Tracking Solution

SaaS or Self-hosted? That’s NOT the question anymore! The ‘SaaS vs. Self-hosted’ issue regularly arises among affiliates. And instead of getting into a debate, we thought we’d better bake this hot potato. We took the sweet benefits of both, mixed them up, and came up with a ‘tasty’ hybrid tracking solution – CrossHost! What is…

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Fall Fever: September is on fire!

Hey everyone! Summer is moving on, guys, #summertime_sadness, #august_slow_down… Dash it all! AdsBridge is about to attend 2 massive affiliate events that kick off this September. Don’t miss out, come with us! Despite our tight-packed schedule, we go all-out to enrich our platform with brand-new solutions. This time, AdsBridge will proudly announce our range of…

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Publisher interface for SmartLinks.

Let’s talk “smart” Smartlinks are the best way to ensure a smooth user journey towards conversion. They engage and lead the audience through various paths to highly relevant offer. Let’s say a user clicks on your app but it’s not there due to incorrect device or geo. If you set a smart link, it will…

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[RELEASE] Proxy detection, Notes & Conversion Update

CONVERSION UPDATE  Today we released the ability to edit payout for each approved conversion into AdsBridge. To do so: Go to the “Statistics” section “Edit conversion” In the empty field, add the click ID and payout values ​​(see an example on the screenshot) Update New data will be automatically transferred to the “Task list”. Check…

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