Month: February 2016

ClickDealer’s Big 2015 Breakdown

2015 went by in a flash for ClickDealer. Our mobile service has grown incrementally and we participated in some of the most important events for the industry. While crunching stats to figure out how far we’ve come in a year, we had an idea to share the results with all of you. Join us on a journey of progress as we encompass the year gone by in graphs and numbers. You can visit the ClickDealer website here.

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What are the best Mobile Ad Spying Tools?

To run an efficient mobile advertising ad campaign, like any kind of advertising campaign, mobile advertiser is forced to go the path of trial and error. Quite often, advertisers simply don’t know in advance how efficient are their decisions about using specific ad creatives, traffic sources and targeting options. Mistakes, made with these ad campaign parameters, usually results in a wasted ad budget. For many mobile advertisers such errors with their first ad campaigns may lead to a failure. Using mobile intelligence solution that supplies analytical data about ad campaigns, run by competitors, is what allows advertisers to know for sure what kind of ad campaigns are efficient and use them as an inspiration for their own campaigns. It’s been said over and over and we can’t agree more

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Mobile-only video campaigns are on the rise, says Videology

Videology, the software provider of converged  TV and video ads, has found that cross-screen video campaigns continue to grow year-on-year with mobile advertising now part of the majority of campaigns run in the Canadian marketplace. The study is based on impressions through Videology’s platform during Q4 2015. Of all video campaigns, 46% targeted desktop only, 33% targeted desktop and mobile, and 12% desktop, mobile and OTT. Mobile-only video campaigns ranked at 7% of all campaigns, up from 3% in Q3 2015. Mobile only video campaigns signal strong growth Source: Ryan Ladisa, Managing Director, Videology Canada, says: “The shifts toward cross-screen advertising are following the general shifts of consumer viewership in the market. Brand advertisers are focused on delivering ads to the right audience, and making

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How to Use Facebook Ad Bidding


Do you use Facebook ads? Have you tried ad bidding? Understanding how to use Facebook ad bidding will help you reach your campaign goals for less money. In this article you’ll discover how to use Facebook ad bidding with your Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook Ad Bidding The bidding options for Facebook ads have changed slightly. […]

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Top App Marketing Agencies 2016

Your app is one in a million. In fact, it’s more like one in one and a half million. As of July 2015, Android users had 1.6 million to choose from and Google’s App Store boasted 1.5 million apps. To get noticed in such a crowded market, differentiation, targeting a niche, creating a buzz, establishing and re-engaging your user base, and app store optimisation are all key factors in a killer app marketing strategy. According to a new recent report by mobile analytics firm Flurry, mobile app usage was up 58 percent in 2015. Yet, 40 percent of the total growth came from existing users. Which means re-engaging existing users could be where the most value lies. That, combined with the challenges of ad-blocking usage,

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